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NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
cardsa command-line tool for reviewing flashcards Tanguy Andreani2019-04-13 07:55
cvmy cv, in LaTeXTanguy Andreani2020-01-26 22:59
get_next_linea function that reads n bytes at a time and returns the next line of inputTanguy Andreani2020-02-18 18:43
mini-commandera single-file helper for making simple cli tools in nodejsTanguy Andreani2020-02-08 20:55
neocities.ha C library for interacting with Neocities' API Tanguy Andreani2019-06-02 01:35
oldold stuff I made while in high schoolTanguy Andreani2020-01-26 22:54
restuff I reverse-engineeredTanguy Andreani2020-01-26 22:56
stagitmy fork of a fork of stagitTanguy Andreani2020-01-26 03:57
utilsuseful C functions with no dependenciesTanguy Andreani2020-01-26 23:09